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F31-Participant Risk Monitoring Checklist

F31-Participant Risk Monitoring Checklist



Participant Risk Review Yes No N/A


Clean and hygienic
Floors swept/vacuumed /clear
Participant moves freely around the environment
If participant not mobile, they are moved around the environment by staff
Participant does not stay in the one place during the day


Meals supplied
Nutritional needs are met
Water is supplied and given regularly
Food preferences are being considered and met

Social needs

Family/stakeholders informed as required
Communicates with others outside the home
Cultural/religious requirements met

Slips, trips, or falls

Uneven, slippery, or steep surfaces
Poor housekeeping
Obstacles being placed in the vicinity
Loose rugs or carpets
Inappropriate or poorly maintained floor or walking surfaces (i.e. lack of a slip-resistant surface, unprotected hole


Follows the requirements of the support plan
Communicates with the participant in a positive manner
Completes tasks as required by the participant and the plan
Completes documentation at the end of each service delivery
Communicates with the team about the health and status of the client
Informs management immediately of any changes in health or emotional status
Participant wishes to continue with current staff
The participant is consulted and is happy with each staff member (list any issues)


Employees informed of the process in the event of an emergency (e.g. mobile phones, duress alarms)
Regular contact is maintained with workers to ensure safety and appropriate supervision
A system is in place to identify the location of all workers at all times during work shifts
Reporting mechanisms in place for hazards

Employee preparation and Implementation

Sharps procedure is undertaken
Implementation of all relevant policies and procedures
Undertakes hazard and risk management
Undertakes universal infection control procedures
Adequate PPE provided (e.g. range of gloves for both personal and domestic support workers)

Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Discrimination

List any evidence or risk

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