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Access to Communication

What is Communication Access?

Communication Access is critical in ensuring a welcoming and inclusive experience for all customers. Organizations that have earned the Communication Access Symbol:

  1. Accept and welcome people who have communication difficulties
  2. Have employees who are comfortable communicating with people who have a communication disability.
  3. Have strategies and resources for successful interactions on hand.


The Communication Access Symbol indicates that a company or organization believes in equal access and inclusion for all customers. Good communication is essential in business.

What is Communication Access?

  • Communication Awareness and Access Training
  • Individualized message boards
  • Individualized communication access tags
  • Communication boards that have been printed and enlarged

Organizations that provide a service to the general public must be aware of potential communication barriers. At Access Ability Australia, we provide learning outcomes to help your company become more responsive in providing excellent customer service.

Why is Communication Access so important?

Find all kinds of support services under the same roof

It is a significant step toward allowing people with communication difficulties to fully participate. Without it, your company is denying many people access to its services and products.

Visual information could also benefit people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. In today's hectic world of information overload, visual support for messages is beneficial to everyone, not just those with communication difficulties.

What does Communication Access mean?

Having the Communication Access Symbol certifies that:
  • Your company has been assessed and meets the registered Communication Access standards.
  • Customers can be confident that their preferred mode of communication will be respected.
  • Your employees are aware and trained
  • There are resources available to help with effective communication.
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