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Assistance with Daily Living

Assistance with Daily Living

Complete Choice offers individual support programmes which have a variety of options for your active involvement in your daily routine and community groups. So apart from your daily routine tasks like hygiene practices, housekeeping and commuting you can also try to learn new things, make new friends, and get involved in your community. Individual help could be given at home or in the community, as per your goals.

What is Covered in Assistance with Daily Living​?

The Complete Choice daily living supports cover a wide range of activities and are divided into Core Supports and Capacity Building Supports. These support categories comprise an integrated approach to assisting participants in having the same choice and control over their lives as people without disabilities.

Assisting Depending on a person’s goals and needs, daily life services may include assistance with or supervision of daily living activities.

These daily assistance services are founded on:


Personal hygiene consists of bathing, showering, washing one's hair, shaving, oral hygiene, and nail care.

Continence management, which includes toileting, catheter/stoma care, skin care, incontinence laundry, and bed changing.

Food and diet assistance - assistance with eating, special diets, and food preparation.

Immobility issues - dealing with being immobile or significantly immobile.

Counseling and support - behavior management, psychological assistance, and reminder devices

Simple treatments include medication assistance (such as eye drops), the application of creams and lotions, simple dressings, and oxygen therapy.

We provide supportive, compassionate and highly qualified nurses for all your nursing and medical needs


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